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 You owe it to yourself to see what this natural herbal - dietary supplement can do for you.

Seven Flower Extract is only :
$24 for 1 Bottle
$20 each for 2+ Bottles
For quantities over 6 bottles, email us for discount information.


Stop and EAT the Flowers!

If you are looking for a Natural Herbal - Dietary Supplement that supports healthy blood pressure and relaxation*, you may want to consider ordering Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract as soon as possible. At only $24.00 for a month's supply (100 tablets per bottle), you owe it to yourself to see what nature can do for you.\

1 bottle (100 tablets per bottle)= $24
2+ bottles (100 tablets per bottle)=$20 each

For quantities over 6 bottles, email us for discount information.

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For quantities over 6 bottles, email us for discount information.

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Questions About Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract

What is Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract?

A Natural Herbal - Dietary Supplement that is a secret Chinese formula originally used to calm. It has a very tranquilizing effect, and has been used by many for years as a sleep aid. It also has a benefit of supporting healthy blood pressure by promoting relaxation.*

What is in Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract?

Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract is a Natural Herbal - Dietary Supplement that contains a proprietary blend of Chrysanthemum flowers, Honeysuckle flowers, Sophora Japonica flowers, Brunella flowers, Nodo Ginseng flowers, Water Fairy flowers, and Black Moss flowers.

How does Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract work?

Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract a Natural Herbal - Dietary Supplement works by relaxing the nervous system and consequently reducing the stress on the cardiovascular system.*

How much should I take?

Suggested Serving Size: 1-3 tablets in the morning and 2-3 tablets before bed.*

Should I start/stop my prescribed medication?

It is a good idea to have a healthcare professional work with you in your transition from prescription medication to any natural herbal - dietary supplement.

Does Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract cause any side effects?

The only side effect that has been reported is some drowsiness which is expected given that seven flower induces good sleep. A key to its effective usage is to keep the doses low enough not to induce fatigue or tiredness while attaining a desired result.*